Have you ever thought of having a whiter and more beautiful confident smile?

It is now possible to have whiter teeth in just a very short period of time. Using proven techniques the team at Westbrook Dental Centre can improve your smile with the “Night White”, Day White, and whitening systems to increase the shade of your teeth.


After the teeth have been professionally cleaned by the dental hygienist a simple impression is taken of the top and bottom teeth. A very thin custom whitening guard is then made which fits the patients teeth exactly. This guard only takes a few days to fabricate.

At the next appointment the patient is given the whitening guard and instructed how to use it and apply the whitening solution. A thin bead of the whitening gel is placed inside the guard and then inserted into the mouth.

For Day White systems this guard is worn once or twice for 30 minutes. For the Night White system the guard is worn throughout the night for up to 8 hours.

Further instructions will be given at your appointment.