Have you considered the impact of your smile? Does it reflect confidence, joy, trust?.

At Westbrook Dental Centre we are able to “bring smiles to life”. With the simple procedure of porcelain veneers we are able to dramatically improve or change your smile to bring out your life within.

Porcelain veneers are used for such procedures as:

• Repairing chipped teeth

• Closing gaps between teeth

• Shortening long teeth

• Lengthening short teeth

• Straightening teeth without braces

• Changing shapes and colours of teeth

• Improving gummy smiles

Procedure for Porcelain veneers:

Visit 1 After the initial consultation and diagnoses, we are able to prepare the required teeth with minimal preparation. Impressions are placed, and temporary acrylic veneers may or may not be placed.

Visit 2 The custom porcelain veneers are then fabricated at the laboratory and placed within 1 or more weeks after the first visit. The veneers are bonded into place and instantly a new smile is created. Minor adjustments are made as required and patient instructions are given.